# 13

Enumerated by David Montgomery


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Enumerated July 5, 2010

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 35 22 15.2N, Lon: 87 58 19W

The Benham-Hughes-Speer cemetery is encompassed within the Ross Creek Landing golf course in Clifton, Tennessee. It can be accessed from Tom Holt Rd. or from the golf course club house. Travel west from Waynesboro, Tennessee on US-64 and turn right onto highway 114. Travel for 4.7 miles and turn right onto Tom Holt Rd. After traveling for about mile, look to your left and it is on the hill above the fairway and cart track. If one chooses to walk from Tom Holt Rd., respect the golfers, as there may be several in the immediate area. Also, there are snakes in the area.


An alternate route is to go to the club house, rent a cart and drive to the cemetery. Again, respect the folks playing on the greens. If one chooses to go this route, drive from Clifton on highway 128 for about one and one half miles and turn right onto Airport Rd. Turn right again and travel to the club house parking area.


There are several locations with limestone rocks that are probably markers for other graves. One area has what appears to have once been a pile of stones marking two graves. Those are level with the ground now. There are a few graves that have rocks stacked with no identification. The cemetery has stone columns and a rail type fence surrounding it.


Altom, John; d. 02 Jun 1851, native of NC, 80 years of age

Altom, Margaret; d. 15 Aug 1859, wife of John, 77 years of age

Altom, Samuel; d. 11 Oct 1815

Benham, Elizabeth; b. 09 Apr 1808, d. 28 Oct 1896

Benham, John M.; b. 01 Jun 1828, d. 19 Feb 1907

Benham, Lucinda R.; b. 30 Mar 1840, d. 12 Sep 1851

Benham, Margaret E.; b. 06 Apr 1834, d. 26 Jan 1911

Benham, Mary; b. 31 Aug 1836, d. 29 May 1909

Benham, William; b. 05 Oct 1801, d. 09 Apr 1876

Burros, given name not legible; b. 1848, infant daughter of William & Nancy

Burros, Nancy; b. 08 Jul 1812, d. 31 Mar 1858, wife of William

Edmiston, Mary E.; b. 09 Mar 1848, d. 15 Aug 1856, daughter of E.F. & M.J.

Garrison, John W.; b. 06 Jul 1829, d. 21 Jul 1848, son of Isaiah & Sarah

Hughes, broken stone; b. 09 Jan 1822, d. 12 Oct 1855

Hughes, Sarah Margaret Jane; b. 02 Feb 1836, d. 14 Jul 1859, daughter of James & Mary

* (see note below)

Meredith, Mary A.; b. 19 Nov 1829, d. 10 Jan 1919

Spear, Martha A.; b. 29 Aug 1819, d. 13 Apr 1898, wife of William

Spear, Robert; b. 08 Nov 1802, death date not legible

Spear, William; b. 30 Jun 1805, d. 20 Mar 1880

Speer, _______John; b. 18 Mar 1816, d. 01 May 1826 (first given name not legible)

Speer, Elizabeth; b. 23 Jan 1807, d. 19 Jul 1840, daughter of John & Frances

Speer, Elliott A.; b. 28 Nov 1836, d. 28 Jun 1837, daughter of R. & M.

Speer, Frances; b. 20 Apr 1781, d. 19 Sep 1841, consort of John

Speer, Henry C.; b. 14 Jul 1846, d. 10 Oct 1855, son of R. & M.

Speer, James; nothing else legible

Speer, Martha; b. 23 Dec 1806, d. 27 Aug 1856, wife of Robert A.

Speer, Robert A.; b. 23 Oct 1848, d. 30 Aug 1856, son of R. & M.

Speer, Sarah Ann; b. 11 Sep 1822, d. 27 Sep 1852, daughter of R. & M.

Stone, Robert Hardeman; b. 12 Dec 1854, d. 01 Jan 1855, son of J.W. & C.M.



* This marker was badly broken, however, this enumerator believes it to be a Hughes. This grave is beside Sarah Margaret Jane Hughes.